The Loudest Silent Years in History
Rav Steve Bernstein, Instructor
Course Code: His-101

Who were the Pharisees and where did they come from? The Sadducees? What about Oral Law? What was Judaism like in the time of Yeshua? The history of the Jewish People from the destruction of the 1st Temple to Yeshua contains the answers to these questions and more. Come learn with us!

  • I. To gain an understanding of the history of the Jewish people between the 1st Destruction of the Temple and Yeshua including:
  • i. Establishment of Synagogue
  • ii. The Great Assembly
  • iii. The Greek influence
  • iv. The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes
  • v. The Roman occupation
  • vi. The Zugot and Oral Law
  • II. To understand the effect of all these influences on the Jewish community in the 1st century and the context of Yeshua’s teaching.
  • Heb-101

There will be an open book midterm essay and Final Essay with short oral final exam with R. Bernstein for all students. For credit, students will be required to write a term papers on an approved topic covered in the course.

Grading will be on the letter scale A-B-C-D-F.